Class of 1941 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Robert Wald
48 hrs from now, I’ll be 91. Seventy four years since that 1st Class of BxSc sent us into a bubbling world, unknowing the impending WWII for us. My second career, 50 years of practicing psychiatry watched five children, ten grandhildren + some etceteras yield retirement in Alaska. As chairman of the local branch of the Alumni Assn, I have yet to hear from another alum. Call - I’m ready. December, 2015
Class of 1943 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
William Feuer
David Breslauer sent me an email and I lost his email address. I hope he sees this and re-connects with me. Regret that it has taken so long to get back to you. May, 2016
David Breslauer
Now that I am 90, a recap might be of interest. My wife, Merna, and I have been married for 63 years. We have two daughters and two granddaughters. We have lived in Jupiter, Fl. for 21 years with prior 11 years in White Plains, N.Y., 28 years in Woodcliff Lake, N.J., and 30 years in our summer home on Shelter Island, N.Y. [sold in 2013]. I sold my engineering company to the employees in 1992, the year I retired. If any classmates are around,please feel free to send an email. Would be nice to catch up. Address is September, 2015
Class of 1944 (January)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Louis Lauro
I was elected Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. My wife Shirley and I reside in Manhattan where I retain a practice. January, 2016
Class of 1944 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Jerome Svigals
published my 29th and 30th books in 2016. they are "secure your Internet Use" and "bank on your smart devices 2026". Received 19th and 20th us patents on "securing Internet of Things". June, 2016
Irving Polsky
I, and Carole, have resided at West 96 and Columbus Avenue since we were married 40 years ago at Cong. Ohab Zedek. We are looking for others to play with at the Central Park Tennis Courts. For a few years, before he passed away, Carole was married to Dr. Kurt K. Field, (June 1944,) President, Bronx Optometric Society. Before retiring, I was Executive Engineer, NYC Dept. of Buildings. We have two grand-daughters, Toby and Hannah, from our son, David, a rabbi, and his wife, Mindy Rothstein, Ph. D. Her firm, "Behavoir Guru" treats autistic children. April, 2016
Class of 1945 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Henry Hargreaves
Henry. A. Hargreaves, Ph.D. (born 1928) is a proliferate Canadian science fiction writer. Originally from Bronx, N.Y., Hargreaves has spent a life establishing himself as a pioneer of Canadian short fiction, among a higher pursuit of academics, with an extinguished career of tenure spanning three decades, and retiring a professor emeritus of English Literature at the University of Alberta. His short fiction was collected in one of Canadian science fiction's earliest anthologies: North By 2000, published in 1975 and was re-issued as North by 2000+ in 2012 with additional material, with such short stories as "Fore" - Eight - Sixteen, In His Moccasins, Infinite Variation, and 2020 Vision.With a return to his roots, Hargreaves released an introspective memoir Growing Up Bronx: A Memoir of my Shapers and Shakers in 2012. Met with favorable reviews, his foray into non-fiction was a fine complement to an already substantial body of work.In 2015, Dr. Hargreaves was honored with a prestigious induction into the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association Hall of Fame. H.A. Hargreaves has been enjoying retirement, and now lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife, Lee Hargreaves. February, 2016
Class of 1946 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Kenith Bloom
I am sad to announce the passing of Judge Kenith D. Bloom. He was a retired Superior Court Judge of the State of New Jerey. April, 2015
Class of 1947 (January)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Phillip Beigel
Have moved too many times (NYC, Greenwich, Scottsdale, back to CT, to mention a few, and have lost my Science "memories". Not a great student, my claim to fame at Science was to put on the first student play with a lot of help from Mrs. Kaplan, our English teacher and Advisor. That was the start of the Drama Club, I think. I even got mentioned at Graduation. Problem: I don't remember the name of the play, so if any one has a year book - mine is lost - I would so appreciate any information you can find. It's been a long time, so you may have to look in the attic. Thanks. June, 2016
Class of 1948 (January)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Allan Gartenberg
Allan passed away December 29, 2015 leaving his childhood sweetheart, Ina, married 63 years, and sons, Brad, Jan and Marc, Philip having died in 1987. His legacy is 10 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. Allan was an engineer at Aerospace Corp heavily involved in the space program. Upon retiring he was a paraprofessional therapist and short story facilitator. He touched many lives, all better for having known him. March, 2016
Class of 1948 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Philip Levy, Md
"Philip L. Levy, MD has retired as Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology at the University of California, Davis, CA. Best regards, Phliip L. Levy, MD" February, 2016
Lewis Ward-Baker (Lewis B. Ward)
The passing of our classmate and my school friend, E.L.Doctorow, brought to mind that when we were in sixth term English (Journalism) class with an assignment to do an interview for the school newspaper, Eddie brought in a brilliant interview with ""The Doorman of Carnegie Hall"". Our teacher, Dorothy Frank if I remember correctly, was greatly impressed and asked him to get a photograph to run in our school paper with the interview. After some ineffective evasive tactics, the young, but already great, writer confessed that, like some of the wonderful works he created later, the interview was pure fiction. I don't know if he got an A, but he deserved one! RIP" January, 2016
Class of 1949 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Stanley Cohen
Stanley Cohen June 1949 has just completed his 9th one man art show in Ridgewood NJ. Stan has been a working artist since retiring in 2002, as an international statistics consultant. His work has been favorably reviewed in various New Jersey Newspapers. His work is very extensive in a variety of art media which includes watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink,, and collage.. His early watercolor works may be viewed on website He is looking forward to updating his website. His email: is and cell 201 675 0636. April, 2015
Class of 1950 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Lenore Katkin (Self)
Always happy to hear from classmates. February, 2016
Ruth (Ungar, Kent) Bailey
I relocated from Ghent, NY to Mountain View CA about 7 years ago. In October 2015, I moved to Redwood Villa, an independent living retirement community in Mountain View. Within a week, I met Larry Lutzker, Class of January 1943. We've spent some time comparing classes, teachers and activities we had at Science. It was a mini BHSS reunion which we continue to enjoy. February, 2016
Class of 1951 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Dorothy Corwin (Johnson)
Sorry to report that Dorothy Johnson Corwin passed away on February 27, 2016. February, 2016
Gerald Chesin
DR.Gerald Chesin retired college professor,now holds 4 IGFA (INTERNATIONAL FISH & GAME ASSOCIATION)WORLD fishing records..Lives in PITTSBURGH, PA. with his wife CAROLE CHESIN M.D. September, 2015
Vivian Koenigsbeg Warshaw My beautiful granddaughter Emma will be entering her final year of high school in September. She attends the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and is enrolled in the Ballet Academy. Her GPA is 4.4 (she has taken a bunch of AP classes) and is interested in the sciences and math. Ballet is her passion, she says,but not her profession. I am so proud of the young woman she is. I treasure my memories of Science - and the love of learning I developed while I was a student. April, 2015
Class of 1952 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Jacob R. Raitt Rothwacks
Just a note. My 4th great-grandchild, Roman, was born December 19th, 2015, and on the weekend of May 21st, our friends and family gathered to celebrate my 80th birthday, my wife's 70th birthday, and our 40th wedding anniversary. June, 2016
Jacob R. Raitt Rothwacks
It's great to be retired, and still be able to do what I did and not worry about getting paid for it. I spent 54 years as an educator and consultant pharmacist, retiring in 2010, and yesterday consulted with a client with atrial fibrillation. But to enjoy the children, the 11 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren, with a 4th on the way, is super. September, 2015
Class of 1953 (June)
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Russell White
I graduated from Science with only one student below me. I was #1 for my BA. Fear of the draft was a fabulous motivator. I received my PhD with honors from Columbia. I retired as a Professor of Geography at Hunter College 25 years ago. I have done little to improve this world. I hope I have done nothing to harm it. September, 2015
Michael Ochs
I am editing for publication a Yiddish operetta, "Di goldene kale" (The Golden Bride) by Joseph Rumshinsky, which opened in New York in 1923. A concert performance with instrumental ensemble, with supertitles in English and Russian, will take place at Rutgers University on August 9th, 2015 (see I will be giving a pre-concert lecture. For more about the work and the publication see Best to fellow Sciencites, Mike Ochs April, 2015

Class of 1954
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Willa Olsen
I received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Southern California KECK School of Medicine. January, 2016
Catherine Giamenelli Aloha to everyone. Many thanks to Jan Fine and Tom D'Angelo for the wonderful monthly news notes , Catherine G. May, 2015
Allene Grognet Guss Please send alumni newsletter via email. May, 2015
Class of 1955
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Dr Pete Grosewald
Has moved to Lake Worth FL March, 2016
Melvin Greenblatt
Melvin Greenblatt is alive and well and lives in Ventura CA with his wife Estelle. Both his sons have become physicians and his grandson is in medical school. His daughter teaches dance and writes. After a career in research leading to the early work on tumor angiogenesis and Avastin, he is writing his sixth book called Mushrooms, a love story. January, 2016
Lydia Soifer
After retiring (from international development activities) I co-founded a self-help group for survivors of a close one's suicide. Unfortunately, we have been very successful and the group continues to this day, Also tried bucolic life for several years (the Berkshires) but realized that I am really a New Yorker. I can be reached at January, 2016
Michael Stelman
My wife Carolyn and I have moved to Oro Valley, Arizona. My Email Address is October, 2015
Esther Kartiganer
Esther Kartiganer, my sister and your classmate, died on August 1, 2012. February, 2015
Class of 1956
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Gerald Davis
Gerald J. Davis '56 has written eleven books of fiction, including new translations of BEOWULF (Silver Medal Winner-Book of the Year Award), DON QUIXOTE (Finalist-Book of the Year Award), and GILGAMESH. He is currently completing a translation of THE CANTERBURY TALES. If you would like a free copy of any book, contact him at January, 2016
Felice Nachbar (Aull)
My husband, Martin S. Nachbar '54, died suddenly on May 16, 2015. Felice Aull Nachbar, class of '56 December, 2015
Class of 1957
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Mel Kollander Mel Kollander was honored by being elected to be a Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA. ASA is the largest organization of statisticians in the world. Previously he became the equivalent of a Fellow of the International Statistical Institute by being selected to be an Elected Member, a worldwide organization of members of the statistical community. July, 2015
Class of 1958
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Susan Levine (Gilbert)
The Class of 1958 will Definitely have a 60th Reunion...Sometime in the Spring of 2018.. Details to Follow in the Fall of 2017.. *Please Do Update all Your Contact Information with the Alumni Association.* Susan (Gilbert) April, 2016
Paul Klein
After a successful career working on Wall Street I now reside in the mountains of north Georgia. I enjoy trap and sporting clays shooting as well as hiking in areas near the Appalachian Trail in and around Blue Ridge, Georgia. My daughter, Liz, lives in Houston and my son, Dan, lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. November, 2015
Class of 1959
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Robert Tim Brown
Now a labor arbitrator in NYC June, 2016
Judith Flamenbaum (Amkraut)
I am now the grandmother of 4 wonderful grandchildren - each on my sons has a boy and a girl. I sit on the Board of Visitors and the Board of Directors of my law school, and the Legal Advisory Committee of Sanctuary for Families - an organization that represents victims of domestic violence and trafficking. I am now a retired attorney whose practice was solely representing battered women. In August I will be married 53 years to my one and only husband! We love to travel, collect contemporary art - many pieces from Cuba, enjoy our grandchildren and most of all, spend time in our home in Columbia County away from the bustle of Manhattan. The group of Bx Science classmates who put together our 50th reunion still gets together to enjoy a meal and chat about our time at Bx Science. May, 2016
Susan Pashman Greenfield My new novel, "Upper West Side Story," is a tale of parenting and racial conflict. It will be published on May 27th by Harvard Square Editions. April, 2015
Class of 1960
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Ellen Gritz
My husband, Mickey Rosenau, and I had the great pleasure and good fortune to meet Dr. Mindy Shapiro, class of '74, on a recent scuba diving trip in Indonesia. We were all on the Dewi Nusantara, diving off the island of Halmahera, and enjoying the total solar eclipse. That spectacular event was an extraordinary example of astronomy, physics and navigation (to get the boat perfectly aligned to see the "totality") - and the scene of a big party on-board. Mindy and I became instant friends as soon as we made the BHHS connection and enjoyed learning all about each other's professions and lives. We hope to have future dive adventures together, since we adore the fish and invertebrate life of the Indo-Pacific, arguably the finest diving in the world! April, 2016
Frank Popper
I teach land-use planning at Rutgers and Princeton Universities. April, 2016
Bruce Hyman
Bruce Hyman (1960) is delighted to report his marriage to Abbi Hattem, on April 30 2016. Abbi practices piano and psychotherapy in Chapel Hill, NC where they met. Bruce would be happy to keep in touch with old friends. March, 2016
Albie Tabackman In memory: Albie Tabackman - Obituary January, 2016
Class of 1961
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Lee Kassan
I have joined the faculty as a Supervisor in the Couple Therapy Program at the Training Institute for Mental Health in Manhattan. February, 2016
Nancy Goulian (Kessler) With sadness, the friends of Nancy Kessler Goulian announce her passing on Jan. 3, 2015 after defying Leiomyosarcoma for nine years. Lawyer, wife, grandmother of three, her great intelligence and wonderful sense of humor will be missed. January, 2016
Robert Stern Each of Arlene Gladnick (now Spodak), Gary Barbaria and I live in the same community in Delray Beach, FL. . April, 2015
Class of 1962
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Stephanie Lewis (Robinson)
I'm glad to be back in touch! Widowed now, I was married to David Kellogg Lewis, a professor of philosophy at. Princeton from. 1971 until his death in 2001. No kids. I was happy at Science, a girl in a world of boys, good at my classes (but not great). I enjoyed the protection of Dr. Dodes, the chairman of the. math department, so I could cruise around the halls and *never* get detention. I taught philosophy for many years. I would be glad to hear from any of you! June, 2016
Myron Bass
Looking to connect with lost classmates . April, 2016
Julile Freestone (Conan)
Julie Conan Freestone and Rudi Raab have published Stumbling Stone, a historical novel based on their real life stories. The book is a literary memorial to one victim of the Nazis. Jewish women born to immigrant parents in the Bronx in 1944 don’t get romantically involved with men who are cops, have German accents and look like Hitler youth leaders. But reporter Sarah Stern is drawn to Karl Schmidt and intrigued by his tangled family history. Stumbling Stone chronicles their journey across two continents and the discovery of sinister secrets they never could have imagined. This is a compelling work of fiction inspired by the remarkable histories of the authors.
“I’m pressed for time and expected to read it over a couple of weeks of casual reading, but found it hard to put down. I also enjoyed the occasional injections of humor. which leavened what otherwise could be a very heavy topic.” Professor Martin Hellman, Stanford University (2016 winner of the Turing Award), Science 1962.
April, 2016
Alexandra Hans (Vozick)
I am an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Psychiatry Department of Tufts University Medical School. In addition I have a practice of psychotherapy devoted to the issues with which women deal as their lives extend from young adulthood until their later senior years. February, 2016
Rebecca Kandel-Scott (Randy Altman Kandel)
Randy Frances Kandel passed away at the stroke of midnight, August 31, 2015 in her childhood home in Riverdale, New York. A graduate of the Bronx High School of Science, Randy received her BA from University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1966 before earning her PhD in anthropology from City University of New York in 1975. During the completion of her doctorate, she moved to Florida, where she taught anthropology at Florida International University, earning her tenure in 1977 and writing definitive contemporary works on nutritional anthropology. In the early 1980s, seeking new adventures, Randy returned to New York, earning her J.D., cum laude, as a Root Tilden Scholar at New York University School of Law in 1982. Upon graduation, Randy served as clerk for the late great civil rights leader, Honorable Robert S. Vance in Birmingham, Alabama. Randy spent the years that followed as a family law attorney (focusing on the destructive nature of cults and helping to reunite families), professor, mediator and judge for the City of New York Taxi and Limousine Commission. She earned teaching position at numerous schools including Loyola Marymount University, Yale University and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. A prolific writer and speaker, Randy appeared on lecture panels throughout the world and published extensively across disciplines, even delving into the world of mystery writing. Her true love was in anthropological ethnography and she married her passions for the law, mediation, exploration and experience-based learning throughout her life. A unique and passionate individual, Randy traveled broadly, lived life on her own terms and savored each experience right to the end. She is lovingly survived by her two daughters, son-in-law and two granddaughters. November, 2015
Class of 1963
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Francesca Ontell Loving retirement and our 5 grandchildren in the Pacific Northwest January, 2016
Marc Hirsch
Retired June 20th, 2011 from medical career as a Hospitalist in Kentucky. Published 1st detective fiction, The Case, on Amazon & Kindle 2012. Alice White, NYU law student at night, legal investigator during the day in mid-1950's, Bronx and upstate. Picked up publisher 2014 who republished 1st effort, again on Amazon, after editing. Screenplay of The Case I wrote in 2013 being marketed. In July 2015 published 2nd in series, Hard Case, again 1950's, more of Manhattan. 3rd book underway. Alice is probably based on my older sister, Nancy, who also graduated Bronx Science. October, 2015
Alice Silverstein
I moved from Albuquerque, NM to Eugene, OR in April of 2015. I am still working part-time as a psychotherapist in private practice. After living in the desert for several years, it is nice to be surrounded by green growing things for a change. Any classmates in Eugene? September, 2015
Class of 1964
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Martin Hirsch
I have retired to sunny Palm Beach Gardens Florida from the cold and gloomy Midwest, after living there for over 40 years. It is amazing how fast time flies, especially when looking backwards. I am retired almost a year now and still feel like I am on vacation. I recommend it to all. Like for many of you, I regard my attendance at Science as one of the major positive turning points of my life and I am ever so grateful for the opportunities the school and environment offered me. Wishing everyone the best that life has to offer. Marty June, 2016
Roy Wepner
Roy Wepner '64 has published a book entitled "UNTETHERED: Problem Solving Unshackled By Rhyme Or Reason." As described on the back cover, "UNTETHERED explores problems that are large, small, trivial, and imaginary. And it provides solutions to these problems that are free from the restraints of logic and practicality. Roy Wepner’s solutions are way beyond outside the box. They will make you forget that the box--- and even your problems----- ever existed. Among the knotty problems from the world of politics solved by Wepner are how to deal with the corrupting influence of money on politics; how and when to start presidential campaigns; how to make the presidential candidate’s running mate more useful; and a surprise nominee for admission as the next member of the European Union. Wepner solves workplace problems, including a surefire way to avoid getting fired. He promotes the general welfare with a variety of best practices for producing and watching television; long overdue changes to our mind numbingly tedious calendars; and even a way to assure that we take our meds every day. Wepner even conjures up several ways to improve baseball. The one problem he can’t help you with is passing up this opportunity for a few chuckles and maybe even a guffaw or two. May, 2016
Paul Rogow
Paul Rogow is very pleased to report that he has moved from Dobbs Ferry, New York to Pinehurst, North Carolina after retirement from his career as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, including the last twenty-five years as Chief of the Dental Service at the VA Hudson Valley Health Care System. He credits his education and experience at Bronx Science, as well as his coming of age in the Bronx, as the foundations for much of his personal and professional success. He is pleased, and occasionally humbled, by the accomplishments of his classmates and other alumni as reported in these notes. April, 2016
George Goldmark
"My twin brother, Harry, and I recently retired from our practice of orthopedic surgery located in New City, NY after 29 years working together. Our Bronx Science and MIT education was extremely valuable in our chosen career. Harry has moved to Aiken, SC and I will be moving to Boca Raton, Fl." December, 2015
Michael Tortorella
Michael Tortorella, after retiring from a distinguished career at Bell Laboratories, has just published a new book "Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability Best Practices for Systems Engineers" with John Wiley. Ever grateful to Science for setting me off on the right foot. I can be reached at September, 2015
Class of 1965
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Michael Blumenthal
This March, my collaboration with the baboon conservationist Rita Miljo, "Because They Needed Me": The Incredible Struggle of Rita Miljo To Save The Orphaned Baboons of South Africa will be published by the Pleasure Boat Press in New York. December, 2015
Richard Poch
The family of Col. Richard C. Poch is sad to report that Richard died in a small plane crash on March 29, 2015. Retired Col. Poch enjoyed a distinguished career within the Air Force for 35 years--contributing in no small measure to his country's Space Program while stationed at NASA, for which he was highly commended. At the time of his death he was instructing a pilot for re-certification. Soon after taking off there was engine problems. With the plane flying over populated areas it is presumed that Richard took control of the plane and managed to crash it into a empty lot, saving lives on the ground. His wife was doing dispatching at the airport at the time. Richard had 2 sisters and a brother, all Science graduates! He loved the school, attended reunions, contributed articles to the newsletter and donated regularly. He always treasured his fantastic friendships, teachers, and education he received at Bronx Science. This year would have marked his 50th high school school reunion. He would have undoubtedly attended all the events associated with this milestone. November, 2015
Steve Resnick
My wife and I attended the fiftieth reunion, which was well attended. Spoke to old friends as well as a few people I recall but had barely spoken to. A great time, we live in Manhattan and Woodstock. Married son and grand- daughter are in LA. I'm in the hedge fund business. Interested in art films, etc. for anyone who wants to get in touch. October, 2015
Class of 1966
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Andrew Fraknoi
The National Science Teachers' Association has just published "Solar Science: Exploring Sunspots, Seasons, Eclipses and More" (a book of classroom activities for teachers) on which I am co-author. We wrote it in anticipation of the August 21, 2017 "All-American" Total Eclipse of the Sun, which will be visible in the U.S. and no other country. For a free 8-page guide to the eclipse and safe viewing from the book, go to: and click on the link to the eclipse guide. April, 2016
Eugenia Kaneshige
When reading "class notes," it's easy to forget that what you do is not who you are. I went to Bronx Science because at the age of 14, I was "smart" enough to "know" that my prospects for making a living would be better with an academic degree than if I followed my "passion" (to use a current buzzword) and went to the H.S. of Music and Art. After my freshman year in college, however, I dropped out and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. Before getting a degree, I zigzagged back to college and then got an MBA in finance. Having come full circle (with no regrets), I'm focusing on my creative side once again. Have no idea where it will take me, but love what I'm doing. If you know a young (or old) person who's struggling with what they want to be when they grow up, I'd be happy to speak with them. April, 2016
Irving Herling Md
Irving M. Herling, M.D., FACC Director, Clinical Cardiology - Lankenau Medical Center and Main Line HealthCare Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine The Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Emeritus Associate Professor of Medicine The Perelman School of Medicine of the University of PA was honored by being named the incumbent recipient of The Ernest Scheller III Chair in Innovative Cardiology at Lankenau Medical Center Wynnewood, PA in November of 2015. February, 2016
Michael Parker
In November I was elected to a four-year term on the Chapel Hill, NC, Town Council. January, 2016
Class of 1967
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Irene Stern Friedman
Yara Leana Stiglitz, our tenth grandchild, was born in Los Angeles in January, 2016. Her eldest cousin in 16. Life in Tucson, Arizona continues to be wonderful. December, 2015
Tony Mauro
Tony Mauro, '67, is the author of "Landmark Cases: 12 Historic Supreme Court Decisions," a companion book to the C-SPAN series "Landmark Cases" that aired in the fall of 2015. The case descriptions in the book touched on the background, highlights and impact of the 12 cases featured in the series, ranging from Marbury v. Madison to Roe v. Wade. Mauro, Supreme Court correspondent for The National Law Journal, has covered the Supreme Court for 35 years. The book was published by C-SPAN in cooperation with CQ Press, an imprint of SAGE Publications, Inc. December, 2015
Bill Christophersen
My debut poetry collection, Two Men Fighting in a Landscape, was recently published by Aldrich Press (Kelsay Books). The poems tell of a highway miracle involving a Martin D-18 guitar; of Joshua Bell fiddling anonymously in a park underpass; of an interstate excursion ending in an ill-advised meal of fried watercress. Here are snapshots of the Bronx before Jimmy Carter visited the remnants of Charlotte Street. Here too, a translation of the Anglo-Saxon elegy “The Wanderer,” replete (like the Bronx) with charred ruins and gangbangers’ ghosts. Last spring I visited Bronx Science to return a favor: to meet and read poetry with three English classes, something the poet I.L. Salomon did when I was a senior. I didn't understand the poems Salomon read, but seeing a living practitioner, an actual poet, made an impression. (Bronx Science's math and science courses are routinely praised, but its English courses during the 1960s were top-flight. Here's to Gardner, Schneider, Weiss, Rifkin et al.) November, 2015
April Smith
Latest book is a novel of historical fiction, "A Star For Mrs. Blake" about the Gold Star Mothers Pilgrimmages of the 1930s when over 7,000 American women traveled to Europe on a government program to visit the graves of their sons -- an overlooked footnote in history. Published by Knopf. October, 2015
Class of 1968
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Karyn Fisher (Gerber)
I am now an ordained United Methodist pastor living with my husband Rob Fisher and Golden Retriever Hannah in Coal Township, PA. I currently Chair the Executive Board of Coal Region Love INC,, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people lift themselves out of poverty, and president of Methodists United. Having previously worked for twenty years as a child and family therapist, I am still a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania. I love hearing from friends on Facebook, so find me there. April, 2016
Paul Kirschner
Paul A. Kirschner is University Distinguished Professor at the Open University of the Netherlands as well as Visiting Professor of Education with a special emphasis on Learning and Interaction in Teacher Education at the University of Oulu, Finland. He was previously professor of Educational Psychology and Programme Director of the Fostering Effective, Efficient and Enjoyable Learning environments (FEEEL) programme at the Welten Institute, Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology at the Open University of the Netherlands. He is an internationally recognised expert in his field. He was President of the International Society for the Learning Sciences (ISLS) in 2010-2011, member of both the ISLS CSCL Board and the Executive Committee of the Society and he is an AERA Research Fellow (the first European to receive this honour). He is currently a member of the Scientific Technical Council of the Foundation for University Computing Facilities (SURF WTR) in the Netherlands and was a member of the Dutch Educational Council and, as such, was advisor to the Minister of Education (2000-2004). He is chief editor of the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, associate editor of Computers in Human Behavior, and has published two very successful books: Ten Steps to Complex Learning (now in its second revised edition and translated/published in Korea and China) and Urban Legends about Learning and Education. He also co-edited two other books (Visualizing Argumentation and What we know about CSCL). His areas of expertise include interaction in learning, collaboration for learning (computer supported collaborative learning), and regulation of learning. April, 2016
Ron Goetzel Ron Goetzel joined the faculty at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as Senior Scientist and Director of the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies. January, 2016
Eddie Sporn
I now reside in West Stockbridge, MA, in the heart of the beautiful Berkshires. I recently started a consulting practice specializing in real estate strategy, city planning, and project management. Here is the link to my website: My wife, Dee Dee Acquisto, who would have gone to Bronx Science if she hadn't grown up on the other side of the Mississippi River in St. Louis, MO, has an online therapy practice that focuses on individuals in the creative arts. Her website is Give me a shout if you're in the neighborhood! September, 2015
Natacha Sochat / Barbara Villamia
The long winters and isolation on a farm eventually made us realize we needed to move so I am now living in Raleigh NC and loving it! I am still practicing medicine though as a consultant (which I plan to do until I croak). I still create art since that is a passion that rules my existence. I would love to see BHSS classmates anytime, please contact me, I miss you guys! My son is in a residency (medicine) in Philly after graduating Brown Med, my daughter is at Stanford in the med school but doing computer research in medicine, a PhD program. I hope we can see each other in some class reunion in the future. Come visit Raleigh! You can be my guest. September, 2015
Daniel Chilowicz
Dan Chilowicz is looking for a high school soccer reunion with mates from the very first successful teams coached by Dr. G. In 1965-68. Where are you guys. Walter Ziobro, Eliot Pruzan, Konrad Mayer, Joey Schneider, Ben Ptashnik, Corkey Lovell, Paul Martini, Hai Benron, Ken Haas, Mike Friedman, Dorian Tergis, Andy Badiavas, and anybody else I missed. Contact me at Good times fifty years ago. Also managers Patty Mozeico, Mary Virginia Mulry. May, 2015
Class of 1969
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Murray R. Berkowitz
Murray R. Berkowitz (Class of '69), D.O., M.A., M.S., M.P.H. has been appointed Interim Asst. Dean for Clerkships and Core Site Development at the Georgia campus of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Berkowitz is a tenured Associate Professor of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and OMM and is Director of Preventive and Community-Based Medicine. Dr. Berkowitz is also Vice President and Chair, Occupational Medicine Division of the American Osteopathic College of Occupational and Preventive Medicine. June, 2016
Nancy Segal
Nancy Segal (1969) is a Professor of Psychology is working on two new books about twins--one on misconceptions about township, and the other about the two switched-at-birth twin pairs from Bogotá, Columbia. January, 2016
Class of 1971
Name Class Note Submitted Date
Ann Calandro Friedman
Ann Friedman Calandro '71 has written and illustrated her first children's book, titled Never Stop Drawing, which was published in September 2015 by Shanti Arts Press, a small independent publisher in Brunswick, Maine. The 40-page book is available through the publisher's website, at select independent bookstores and libraries, and through various online retailers, such as Amazon. Ann hopes to write and illustrate more books if and when she has more free time. September, 2015
Class of 1972
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Ernest Pourakis
My wife Georgia and I welcomed our second grandchild Sophia into the world on June 27th, 2015. I am going on my 8th year serving the Parish of St. Demetrios in Astoria Queens as a Greek Orthodox Priest. It was my indescribable blessing to also have been the priest to my baptize my own granddaughter Sophia on September 19. My best personal regards to all my classmates and my continued prayers for peace in the world. September, 2015
Ronnie Schwartz Selk Ronnie (Selk) Schwartz and Raymond Schwartz, both Class of 1972, proudly announce the birth of their first grandchild, Hayley Isabel Schwartz, on June 28, 2015. Proud parents are Jennifer and Douglas Schwartz. Ronnie and Ray recently retired so that Ray could undergo heart valve replacement surgery, which was very successful, and think that Hayley is the best medicine! Doug has taken over Ray's accounting practice, keeping it in the family. Proud great-uncles are Arthur Schwartz, Class of 1970, and Michael Selk, Class of 1977. July, 2015
Class of 1973
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Rachel Adelson
You know you've been out of high school for a while when you publish a book on healthy aging. "Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style" offers practical and expert-vetted advice on fall prevention, fire prevention, compensating for sensory changes, making everything easier and more accommodating, fitness after 50 and much more. Otherwise, I'm based in Southern Ontario along with my Science-Class-of-1975 husband, Alan Breznick, a telecom business analyst. Would love to hear from anyone in Canada or ""the States."" As they say up here, cheers! February, 2016
Class of 1974
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Dr. Mindy Shapiro My husband, Mickey Rosenau, and I had the great pleasure and good fortune to meet Dr. Mindy Shapiro, class of '74, on a recent scuba diving trip in Indonesia. We were all on the Dewi Nusantara, diving off the island of Halmahera, and enjoying the total solar eclipse. That spectacular event was an extraordinary example of astronomy, physics and navigation (to get the boat perfectly aligned to see the "totality") - and the scene of a big party on-board. Mindy and I became instant friends as soon as we made the BHHS connection and enjoyed learning all about each other's professions and lives. We hope to have future dive adventures together, since we adore the fish and invertebrate life of the Indo-Pacific, arguably the finest diving in the world! April, 2016
Class of 1975
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Douglas Arion
Carthage College announces the naming of Professor Douglas Arion as Fellow of the American Physical Society for Entrepreneurship Education in the Sciences for groundbreaking work towards improving the educational impact of the physics degree by promoting the widespread adoption of entrepreneurship training and mindset within the discipline. December, 2015
Valerie Smaldone Valerie Smaldone is a host/interviewer for "Great Performances" on PBS. Currently airing, her interview with Bryan Adams and an Annie Lennox special ,which she co-hosted. On June 25, she will be interviewing the best selling author Barbara Leaming about her Jackie Kennedy Onassis biography at 92Y in Manhattan. This is a live event. June, 2015
Class of 1977
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Saul Factor
Saul and his wife Ann just relocated to London, UK where he is the President, Global Sourcing for McKesson Corporation. His son, Aaron is an Economist in Dallas, TX. and his daughter, Dara is finishing her first year of Law School in Boston. He can be reached at sdfpharm@ January, 2016
Amiet Goldman Kahn
Amiet Goldman Kahn ’77 and Colin Kahn, celebrated their daughter, Sara Jennifer, becoming a Bat Mitzvah on May 30, 2015. Sara twinned with a Holocaust survivor as part of her experience. Amiet works as a web project manager for IBM’s Competitive Project Office. Amiet, Colin, Sara, and her brother Eric, enjoy living near Morristown, NJ. December, 2015
Class of 1978
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Zvi Bern Zvi Bern was a recipient of the 2014 J. J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics, given by the American Physical Society January, 2016
Class of 1980
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Susan Marks (Hershberg) Susan Marks is pleased to report completion of her Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP), completing a mixed-methods research study on nurse practitioner perceptions of preparedness for practice. She is also Director of the FNP programs at LIU-Post in Brookville, L.I. January, 2016
Brad Belford
A few years ago, I got bored and decided to relearn all of the languages I had studied at BxSci and NYU. During the course of two years, I relearned Italian, Spanish, German and French (which I had never studied in school) using only the Internet. The details and daily information were posted on a blog, one for each language. for French, for Spanish, for Italian, and for German. I continue to post advanced French material on Isn't the Internet unbelievable? November, 2015
Class of 1981
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Alexander Padro - Article in local Washington, DC newspaper on what I've been doing for the past decade and a half. Also, the nonprofit I run just won the Great American Main Street Award. June, 2016
John Lynch
I am celebrating one year of marriage to my beau, Jerry Martusciello, after almost 20 years together. I am a consulting City Planner with my own practice in the lower Hudson Valley and New York City also for the past 20 years. I have been volunteering with my lodge -- Order of Sons of Italy -- and was recently appointed Chair of our scholarship committee as well as Principal Trustee; the lodge is located in Little Italy in Manhattan. I live in lower Manhattan having also kept an apartment in Yonkers until recently. I have an office in Hastings-on-Hudson and divide my time between there and the City of Peekskill in northern Westchester. I'm looking forward to the reunion this coming fall of 2016, and want to congratulate the current reunion organizers who are doing a wonderful job. We are part of a good class of people. Stay well! April, 2016
Marsha Newman
Officially managing real property in the Bronx as my current occupation, but real passion is now travel photography. Have a web page at, under my name, with 1000 photos on site and growing. Am currently learning new techniques with a Canon Eos Rebel 70D camera, while indulging my dream destinations: Hawaii, Sydney, Washington DC, London, Paris and Wappingers Falls, Fishkill, Atlantic City and Las Vegas, all this past year. Welcome to keep in touch with all alumni, but especially my class, September, 2015
Class of 1989
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Gabriela Scully (Glatzer)
I just spent a wonderful weekend with Jen Taback Pietraho, and we realized we had 30 years of friendship under our belts. From Mrs. Berman's Honors Bio class through years of Latin with Mrs. Elmoznino and Mrs. Errante, and continuing through AP English with Mr. Casella, we stayed friends in Science and beyond. Thank you to a wonderful school for bringing us together! June, 2016
Class of 1990
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Brad Schnebel
Brad Schnebel is proud and excited to announce the opening of his new orthodontic practice, Westchester Family Orthodontics, in Harrison, New York. November, 2015
Class of 1992
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Josie Collier (Nicki)
Neil deGrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist, director of the Hayden Planetarium and fellow Bx Sci grad appeared as the first scientist in the Hamilton College Sacerdote Great Names Series on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. I was fortunate to attend (since Hamilton is my alma mater) and take a photo with him. He encouraged us all to "Reflect on things going on in our society now, [and] potentially as a call to action." So I am reaching out to alumno to encourage them to attend our 25th reunion next year. I also signed up to mentor young college grads and I'm working on Hamilton's multicultural alumni relations committee. I currently live in the DMV aRea and hoping to start some local Bx Sci events in the summer./td> May, 2016
Class of 2005
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Abba Leffler
Feel free to get in touch. It's been a busy but interesting decade. Would love to hear from any and all Scienceites January, 2016
Hersh Parekh
Hersh graduated from the School of Law at Hofstra University in December 2014 and passed the New York and New Jersey bar exams in February 2015. He will be sworn in as an attorney in New Jersey in June 2015, and expects to be sworn in as an attorney in New York shortly thereafter. In May 2015, Hersh started working for the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo as his Queens Regional Representative. If you'd like to reach Hersh, please email him at May, 2015
Class of 2009
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Rachel Ferrari
After two years with State Senator Gustavo Rivera, I have been promoted to Director of Community Affairs. I work in the West Bronx on behalf of the Senator's 318,000 Bronx constituents, just minutes away from Bronx Science. September, 2015
Class of 2011
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Gregory Hsu Gregory was accepted to Albany Medical College starting 2015 March, 2015
Class of 2012
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Victoria Li
Victoria Li will be graduating from Dartmouth College with an Economics major, as well as 2 minors in Human-Centered Design and Chinese language, in June 2016. She plans to return to New York City after graduation as an incoming Product Marketing Associate at Avero, Inc., a restaurant software company. Her interests are within the hospitality and food/beverage industries, especially how technology is changing these industries. At Dartmouth, she contributes to the entrepreneurship network. She has also interned at the restaurant group Momofuku and has worked at Big Mozz at Smorgasburg. She has a little sister, Bronx Science Class of 2014, who is also attending Dartmouth College. If you're interested in talking about hospitality, food/beverage, entrepreneurship or anything else, you can reach Victoria at November, 2015